Do you warm up before yoga session? The Right Way to Perform Yoga

Most people don’t know that a warm up session is important before yoga in order to ensure desired results. So from now on, you need to include a warm up session before doing yoga asanas. Here are some quick yoga warm up exercises to start off your yoga session with:

Yoga Hip Warm up
Step 1: Stand with your feet together.
Step 2: Keep your hands on the lower back.Step 3:Step 1: Stand with legs apart (hip wide).Step 2: Keep feet parallel and toes pointing forward.Step 3: Place your hands on the outside of the hip socket.Step 4: Keep fingers pointing down.Step 5: Rotate in an oval 15 times clockwise and 15 times counter-clockwise. This will warm up the hips.
Yoga Knees and Ankles Warm up
Step 1: Stand with your feet together.Step 2: Bend the knees.Step 3: Place your hands on the knee caps with fingers pointing down.Step 4: Keep the back extended and the arms straight.Step 5: Circle the knees clockwise 6 times and counter-clockwise 6 times..
Yoga Body Warm up
Step 1: Stand with your feet together.Step 2: Stretch your arms overhead.Step 3: Interlock your fingers.Step 4: Turn the palms to the sky.Step 5: Press your palms upward and fix the feet firmly downward.Step 6: Stretch to the right and hold it for a few moments.Step 7: Inhaling, coming back to the center and repeat to the left.
Yoga Warm up for Gathering Energy
Step 1: Stand with feet the shoulders width apart, toes pointed forward and knees slightly bent.Step 2: Keep arms relaxed at the sides.Step 3: Keep your belly relaxed.Step 4: Inhale and raise your arms out to the side, keeping palms up, shoulder height and then above the head in a large circle.Step 5: Straighten your legs while in this motion.Step 6: Exhale and bring your arms down in front of the body, palms down, to the area right below the navel.Step 7: Keep knees bend as you make this motion.

Step 8: Repeat this exercise 5 times.

Step 9: Breathe deeply and fully.



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