Yoga to Beat Stress – Erase a Day’s Chaos and Trauma

When stress creeps into your body, mind, work performance, and relationship, it is important to take some steps against the problem. Stress affects many aspects of life including work, relationship, mental health, body, and performance in day to day life.

Yoga is a powerful form of workout that helps easing the body and imparts strength to it. Listed below are some yoga postures and asanas that help you beat day to day stress that impacts life. It will calm, soothe and relax your stressed and frantic mind.

Ujjayi (Victory Breath)

How to Practice:

Step 1: Sit down with your spine upright and close your eyes.

Step 2: Inhale slowly through your nose and exhale through your mouth.

Step 3: When exhaling, produce the sound ‘HHAA’.

Step 4: Keep your mouth closed while exhaling.

Step 5: Generate the same sound as before with your mouth closed.

Step 6: Make sure the sound originates from your throat and not from your nose.

Step 7: Maintain the same throat position while inhaling, producing the same murmuring sound.

Step 8: Begin to balance your inhalation with your exhalation.

Step 9: Balance the sound, quality and length of your breath.

Step 10: Expand and emphasise your inhalation.

Step 11: Feel your heartbeat.

Step 12: Inhale over approximately three to five heartbeats and exhale over the same amount.

Step 13: Lift your arms while inhaling, and lower them while exhaling.

Step 14: Allow your hands rest in your lap while you let your breath flow.

Step 15: Experience the effect of your breathing.

Step 16: Concentrate on the turning point between inhalation and exhalation.

Step 17: Make sure you keep your breath flowing and your throat open.

Step 18: Slowly open your breath and return to normal breathing.

The Benefits:

  • The breathing movement presses against the nerve of parasympathetic system. This acts similar to a switch to set off the repairing and calming mechanism.
  • It works on all of the major systems of the body and rejuvenates them.
  • Heals and controls all of the body’s ailments.
  • Calms the mind through rhythmic sounds.

Natvarasana (Lord Krishna Pose)

How to Practice:

Step 1: Stand up straight.

Step 2: Pass right foot over the left.

Step 3: Place toes on your right foot beside the left foot.

Step 4: The feet should be close to each other.

Step 5: Hold hands towards the left as if holding a flute.

Step 6: Close your eyes.

Step 7: Hold on to the pose for a count of 30.

Step 8: Release.

Step 9: Repeat the entire sequence for the other side.

The Benefits: The postures develop a sense of balance and bring about a graceful carriage for the body. When held for longer duration, the exhilarating pose soothes and calms the mind thereby removing the tiredness from the body. It also imparts a sense of lightness and balance. With a lot of focus needed to perform the postures, it helps in developing concentration and boosts your nervous system.

The Simhagarjan Asana (Roaring Lion Pose)

Step 1: Knee down on the ground and put the weight of the body on calves, knees and heels with the toes pointing back.

Step 2: Keep head and spine erect with the knees around 6 to 12 inches apart.

Step 3: On the knees, press your palms with the fingers extended straight.

Step 4: Open your mouth completely and breathe out through nose and mouth. At the same time, extend tongue comfortably out of the mouth bending it in the direction of chin.

Step 5: Hold the breathe by keeping the abdomen pulled in.

Step 6: Then extend your eyes, bare your teeth and stretch the facial muscles.

Step 7: Stay in this pose for around 10-15 seconds.

The Benefits:

  • The dynamic muscular contraction relaxation has a powerful de-stressing effect.
  • It works on the carotid sinus and other sinus hollows within the skull. This enhances levels of nitric oxide in the nasal lining which further enhances absorption of oxygen in the body and elevates mood.
  • Acupoints along the hairline that functions towards de-stressing the body are worked our.
  • Acts as a powerful energizer.
  • Removes stress.


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