Yoga for Sleek Slender Arms

Summer is just around the corner. So are you ready to sport your spaghetti straps and sexy dresses that show your arms? If you aren’t confident enough then practicing Yoga regularly will help you reach your goal soon. The asanas are different from weight lifting, which tends to contract and shorten muscles, creating a bulkier look.

Yoga will help you develop long, slender, well defined arms. This is possible though isometric poses that helps in activating muscles while maintaining their original length. The technique is important for lean, well toned arms.

How Yoga helps sculpting arms?

Did you know the triceps, deltoids and biceps (defining muscles) are the most visual muscles in the arms? When you emphasise on practicing poses that employ defining muscles, you are actually working towards creating a chiselled, enviable look.

The Vinyasa Flow

This is a pose where you perform Sun Salutations. You actually work the full capacity of the arms. Lifting or keeping body off the floor will strengthen and shape your arms. This will help you achieve a sculptured look.

Chaturanga (Pushup Pose)

This is a prototypical move for strengthening the arms. When you perform the downward facing dog, you create a weight-bearing position to build upper body strength. Here, you need to start in downward facing dog position. Now move into plank pose via bringing your shoulders forward in a way they are directly above your hands. Make sure your body is in a straight line parallel to the floor. Now look forward and feel the strength of your arms, legs and core.

Bend at the elbows. Now lower your body down toward the floor without touching your body to the floor. You need to keep your elbows clasping to your torso and aiming straight back. Breathe deeply for several breaths.

Inclined Plane

You need to start this pose via sitting with your legs stretched in front of you. Now place the palms of your hands on the floor on either side of your body. This should be just behind your buttocks. Make sure the fingers are facing toward your toes.

Now lift your body upward while raising your buttocks. Push your hips up in a way to make your body as straight as possible. Now let your head hang back and down in a gentle manner. Place the feet soles flat on the ground, keeping your arms and legs straight.

Practicing yoga will help you get sleek arms that are well toned and ready for summers!



Thanks buddy! along with the article posted videos really help me a lot.


i think to get slender arms only yoga is not enough we should also maintain our diets to get slender arms


hey thnx a lot,my srms are not perfect and i felt very odd when i wear spegheti and due to that i just left to wear that type of dress but now from today i will do this forms.


i really like this article it is very important to maintain every part of your body,and this is very good yoga tips by the writer on sleek slander arms.

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