Yoga Mantra Chanting For Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy yoga is not only about performing various asanas and kriyas. Mantra chants are an integral part of Yoga therapy in pregnancy. It offers a huge number of benefits to mothers to-be. Hence, Pregnancy Yoga recommends various forms of mantra chanting for the benefit if the mother and the developing foetus.

Mantras can be defined as special Vedic chants. These are specifically designed to produce patterns of resonant waves. The ultimate aim is to achieve desired results. Mantras are also an integral part of a broad science known as Mantra Shastra, meaning science.

Mantras often reach via audio and visual tools. These tools are very useful and widely recommended for those who wish to achieve desired objectives or have specific missions during pregnancy. Mantras are a part of the Vedas. Hence these form the basis of the development of the prehistoric seers of India.

Here is how to proceed with chanting of mantra and benefitting from pregnancy yoga:

OM Incantation

Stage I

Step 1: Sit in a comfortable meditative position. It is important to be relaxed completely.

Step 2: Shut your eyes and start chanting OM mentally.

Step 3: Allow your mind to repeat the sacred monosyllable Om continuously. This should be done without a break. In case, you feel any distractions, increase the pace of the chant OM.

Step 4: Slow down the chanting, consciously after some time.

Step 5: Slow it down more and more simultaneously with your breathing.

Tip – It is important not to give in to the distractions. Succumbing to the distraction will nullify the benefits.

In case, your mind again jumps to distractions, while chanting the mantra, try to increase the speed again. You need to increase the speed of chanting the syllable OM.

This will help you raise and slow down the speed. You need to follow an unbroken stream of the chanting in your mind.

Stage II

Step 1: Soften your chanting.

Step 2: Make it gentler and gentler.

Step 3: Let it become effortless.

Step 4: As you progress with meditation, you will land into the second stage. You will also feel the vibrations of the incantations in some parts of your body.

Step 5: Once you progress well, you must feel it throughout the body.

Stage III

Step 1: Make an attempt to further slow down the incantation of OM.

Step 2: As you start slowing down the progress, you will come to know about a gap between the incantations in your breath. In case, you further slow down the gap, you will discover that it widens gradually, and finally, diffuses into complete silence.



Yoga is a great mantra for healthy pregnancy but do yoga under the suervision of expert. Sit in a comfortable meditative position. It is important to be relaxed completely.


Thanks for the post my frnd! It will be really helpful in my pregnancy. Do I consider my diet along with yoga?


Thanks for the post! These days am going through my pregnancy and this article is going help me a lot.

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