10 Weight-Loss Myths You Need To Stop Believing NOW

Losing weight can be tough! That’s the reason Victoria Secret models are looked upon with so much jealousy. Before you start off with a weight loss regime, it is important to bust the common and some of the health hazardous weight loss myths. These myths might be deterring you from achieving your goal.

Here are 10 weight loss myths you need to stop believing and set yourself on the right path:

1. The Caloric Confusion

It is important to understand that human body metabolizes different foods in different ways. So, fats, proteins, and carbohydrates have diverse effects on blood sugar, hunger, and hormonal responses. Did you know one calorie of protein is not similar to calorie in sugar? For instance, when you take 250 calories from a grilled chicken breast, it works towards boosting your metabolism. It will also reduce your cravings and appetite. However, 250 calories taken from a can of soda will work towards spiking blood sugar and even affect energy level and mood. Calories from refined processed foods are bad while those coming from whole, natural sources will help you lose weight.

2. Gluten-Free will Help You Lose Weight

Marketplace is selling gluten-free items which are higher in carbs and calories. So instead of losing weight, these will make you gain over time. These foods are also low in fiber. Gluten-free diets are usually suggested medically for those with celiac disease which also help patients lose weight. However, these should not be used as a weight-loss strategy.

3. Supplements can Help You Lose Weight

A Big NO! Weight loss pills, powders, and diet packets are ineffective and nothing more than a waste of your hard earned money. Don’t fall for those ‘too good to be true’ claims made by commercials.

4. Don’t Eat Carbs

Human body demands carbohydrates for a long time. Part of the reason is that they humans have been consuming carbs since ages. When losing weight, having healthy carbohydrates in your diet is important. These are best derived from legumes (beans) and non-starchy veggies. Go easy on breads and pasta. Adding more water-rich vegetables is also important.

5. Sugar in Fruit will Make You Fat

No. Consuming some portions of healthy, balanced diet will not lead to weight gain. Although fruits contain natural sugar, these are also rich in vitamins, fiber, and minerals. All of these are excellent for your health. Eliminating fruits from your diet is not wise. In fact, the fiber in fruit will slow down the absorption of the sugars. Try cutting down on sneaky sugars in foods such as ketchup, pasta sauce, milk chocolates, salad dressings, etc.

6. Ban the Fat

Fat is blamed and seen as a culprit for years. Is it really bad? Well, fat is not bad. The only thing to keep in mind is to avoid overeating. The job of fat is not to make you fat. In fact, it is an essential nutrient that makes food tastier and better. Also fat is necessary for your body to function effectively. However, just there are both good and bad carbs, good and bad fats also exist. This means you need to keep a close track on how much amount of bad fat vs good fat do you take throughout the day.

7. Juice Cleanses and Detoxes Lose Weight

Of course, anybody can lose weight on a juice or detox diet. But that’s the unhealthiest way of losing a few kilos. And all of that weight will soon bounce back once you start with the eating routine! The diet is dangerous as it will make you miss out on all important nutrients such as protein, fat, and fiber. Juices are devoid of fiber; contain sugar, minerals, and vitamins. Hence, eating whole fruits is better than guzzling juices.

8. Strict Dieting helps Lose Weight

This is the biggest myth seriously taken as truth by most weight watchers. So it is time to unpack this myth. Although transforming body is about making changes in your diet routine, strict diet signifies a practice of restricting yourself to one specific way of eating. Adherence to a diet will help you lose weight. However, maintaining that lifestyle may not be possible for you and the weight will bounce back! The idea is to focus maintaining your new physique. A lot of things go into the process including eating smaller portions a day, exercising regularly, drinking more water, fresh foods and sleeping early.

9. Drinking Water Makes You Lose Weight

NO. Water does not lead to weight loss. It only keeps you hydrated and helps you snack less. Water is essential for good health and wellbeing. Also sometimes thirst can be mistaken for hunger. So when you are thirsty, you may binge in unhealthy snacks more.

10. “DIET” Foods Help You Lose Weight

Do you buy foods reading the big attractive slogans such as ‘Diet/Low Fat’ or you read nutritional labels carefully? The key is to overlook all of those buzzwords on the front of a package and read labels. Remember that foods with high percentage of unnatural ingredients should be avoided. Most diet foods and drinks are loaded with a lot of sugar, unhealthy oils, and additives.

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