3 Best Ways to Tame Baby Hairs

Are you annoyed by the tiny bunch of hair spread unevenly on your upper forehead? Don’t worry; most women across the world are as annoyed and worried as you. These are very fine, wispy, and feathery hairs notoriously spread on the forehead. These thinner hairs are shorter than the rest of the hair on the scalp. This is also the reason they are hard to control and style.

The fantastic thing is that these hairs aren’t completely impossible to tame. Knowing how to control these hairs will help you enjoy any hairstyle.

Listed below are a few pointers that will assist you to understand how to operate them just perfectly. These hairs may also become a crucial part of your hairstyle. Many stylists also believe that baby hairs make one younger.

Listed below are some of the tried and tested methods to tame baby hairs:

No Waxing or Shaving

Strictly avoid shaving or waxing baby hairs. This will make your forehead look unusually big. Regardless of the amount of frustration and annoyance, the baby hair brings you, avoid choosing drastic measures. Waxing and shaving are simply in-acceptable. If you can afford laser treatment, go for it. Shaving and waxing will bring the hair back and you need to deal with the growth.

The Hairspray Trick

You must have heard about the hair spray trick. Did you ever try it out? This is deemed as the best technique to tame baby fly-aways. All you need to do is apply hairspray and stick them down. There are quite a few hairsprays readily available in the marketplace nowadays. It’s possible to use one which suits you the very best.

It works best when you wish to try out a sleek ponytail. Simply spray some hairspray on an eyebrow brush or unused toothbrush. Now gently run it over your baby hairs. This will smooth them down. Since you are using thick clustered bristles, it will tame even the smallest hair.

Focus on Different Hairdos

If baby hair is a major concern for you, then consider a change of hairstyle. Try out some cooler, relaxed styles. You may learn some new updos that help hide the baby’s hair. This is indeed a better technique when sticking baby hair doesn’t work.

Relaxed and casual hairstyles work better. Another way is to accept baby hairs and help them enhance your overall beauty. These small delicate hairs beautifully complement a messy bun, high ponytail, beach waves, etc. Baby hairs are quite youthful and make you look younger.

A Haircut

Consider getting a fringe or a pixie cut. This is a good way to disguise baby hairs on the upper forehead. According to stylists and hair experts, soft fringes are among the best remedies for any flaw on the forehead that bothers women. Interestingly, the cut also works as an alternative to Botox. It frames the face really well and hides wrinkles.

Following the above-mentioned tips will help you to keep baby hairs in place.

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