7 Skin Sins You Need to Know Now

What did you find in the mirror this morning? Did it make you feel sorry for the way you’ve been treating your skin? Sleeping with a face filled with make-up is a sin. Unfortunately, most women would admit to sleeping in their makeup. The act will soon make the skin suffer.

Will sleeping with makeup on damage your skin? Well, occasional sleeping with makeup will not cause any long term damage. So what causes harm?

The Skin Sins

1. No Sleep

According to experts, a number of other things are responsible for skin damage. For example, insufficient sleep can take a toll on your skin wellness. Skin is known to repair itself around 8 times faster while you sleep. Sound sleep is the most significant element when it comes to skin restoration. Experts believe that fibroblasts (the main element in promoting collagen growth and tissue repair) are at their most active state during the first 2 hours of sleep.

2. Low-Quality Products

The use of makeup on the skin is not bad. What causes the damage is the use of the wrong products. Most skin experts and dermatologists suggest the use of high-quality mineral makeup on the face. The products you apply to the skin should be free from harmful parabens, preservatives, parabens, alcohol, and mineral oils. Makeup should not clog pores.

3. Not Treating Well

Obviously, like your regaining body (green juice, fry-up, that reassuring cashmere jumper), providing your skin particular cure the morning following can practically be more significant than what you put it during the evening before. Plus it begins the minute you awaken.

4. Punishing your Skin

Cleansing skin too vigorously can harm the skin. This practice can compromise barrier function and ultimately sending the skin into panic mode. It will also over compensate for the entire thing by producing more oil.

5. Rub Rub Rub!

Most women tend to torture their skin by being careless. Rubbing eyes lined heavily with kohl will do more harm to your skin than good. It’ll feed the demodex folliculorum (the Very Small mites that live on your lashes), Rubbing will cause the mites to flourish leading to thinning of lashes and thinning lashes.

6. Dirty Sheets

What do you sleep on? Are you too lazy to change sheets? Do you change pillow covers regularly? The cleanliness of sheets is a must. The worst thing you can do after cleansing your face is sleeping on the dirty sheet and dig your face into a soiled pillow. Oil from the body, makeup from the face, and pollution from hair can make affect your skin. Use silk or satin pillow case. Also, make sure you change the bed sheets every alternate day.

7. Being Lazy

Being careless about skin care sometimes is ok. However, sleeping on a dirty face or one loaded with makeup can introduce breakouts on the face. If you are too tired to hit the bathroom and cleanse your face with warm water and a face wash, keep a couple of cleansing wipes handy. You may even use a Micellar. These are very small oil particles suspended in water capable of drawing make-up from the skin sans the use of harsh chemicals.

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