Beauty Secrets of Angelina Jolie

#AngelinaJolie, the #woman blessed with divine beauty, flawless skin, luscious locks, stunning lips, pretty lashes and an awesome figure is a living legend of Hollywood. She is also a person with multiple talents. She is admired by all for her iconic fashion sense and awe-inspiring sophistication and attitude.

So what keeps this 37 years young beauty going? What’s her beauty secret really?

Daily Skin Care

Jolie avoids using harsh soaps for washing her face. She doesn’t step out of house without applying high SPF sun block lotion. Body moisturizing is one of the daily skin care regime she follows to keep her skin baby soft and supple.

Derma Roller

This may sound bizarre buy according to The Chicago Tribune, derma rolling beauty technique carried out by a hand-held device covered with needles is the secret behind her luminous complexion. Although a painful procedure, Angelina likes to follow the procedure religiously to look beautiful.

Tight Bandages

The beautiful actress keeps herself wrapped up in very tight bandages. This makes her body sweats out toxins prior to moisturising. This strange regime fights off the slackened skin look and loss of firmness. The entire treatment procedure takes up to three hours.

Caviar the Skin Food

The world’s costliest food doesn’t only taste good but also makes your skin look beautiful and young. According to a report by The Insider, Angelina Jolie has full body treatments and facials using La Prairie’s high-end caviar-based cosmetics. These creams are loaded with high amounts of protein and oil in the creams that help to produce youthful skin and even reduce the appearance of veins.

Stay Happy

The best kept secret of Angelina Jolie is that she stays happy. She believes that when you’re happy and surrounded by a lot of love and support, you appear beautiful. So, Angelina advices her fans to stay happy and live life fully.

Dragon’s Blood

This is a kind of liquid facial by Rodial. The liquid is derived from the red sap of the sangre de drago tree. It works wonders for Jolie’s skin.


Angelina Jolie likes to kickbox. She visits gym regularly. Kickboxing is her favourite workout. Practicing kickboxing, she believes offers her the much needed resistance and flexibility.


Heard of this one? Well, a lot of Hollywood celebrities have been practicing yoga to enjoy a fit and toned body. Angelina Jolie attends regular sessions of muscle toning yoga. It also helps de-stress herself.

Twisted Lunge

This is the secret behind attractive hips of Angelina. The exercise helps her maintain a sleek and impressive body shape.


Like all celebrities, Angelina Jolie drinks water like a fish. She believes that water is immensely necessary to keep body’s system healthy throughout the day. According to the actress, it is ant to drink at least 3 litres of water a day.

Low Carb High-Protein Diet

Angelina Jolie prefers eating a low-carbohydrate and high-protein diet. This is very necessary building her muscles. She also avoids large meals and breaks her meals into several small ones all through the day. This facilitates her maintain high energy level incessantly.

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